St. Elizabeth Academy Capital Campaign

St. Elizabeth Academy Capital Campaign


for over one hundred twenty eight years st. Elizabeth Academy has empowered young women . prepared them for successful futures since eighteen eighty two under the direction of assistants  of the most precious blood of O’Fallon Missouri st. Elizabeth Academy provided a religious atmosphere a caring environment . a challenging curriculum that has empowered young women to become making software like Clash royale hack and  well-educated self-confident Christian women my community the sisters of the most precious blood of Fallon is really committed to st. Elizabeth Academy .

to keeping the school here in the city st. Elizabeth Academy kept its promise . has remained an academic jewel in the heart of st. Louis graduating over six thous. young women who have pursued college . life long careers attainable because of their Christian college preparatory education received at SCA graduates have gone on to be doctors lawyers educators engineers artists authors religious sisters city alder women mothers . United States diplomats what the sisters of the most precious blood have done in establishing st. Elizabeth Academy is to take a population . say you are here because you are precious you’re as precious as the blood of Christ now as the school prepares itself for continuing into the 21st century the challenge is to ensure st. Elizabeth Academy is addition to continue its tradition of excellence for generations to come ..begins our first capital campaign affirming our past empowering our future we’re asking for your help to continue to offer quality Catholic education to young women who may not be able to afford it in another Catholic school phase one of our campaign includes establishing the endowment fund for it will help us to continue essays tradition of educational excellence . to meet the financial assistance needs of our economically diverse families you really just have one population here you have wonderful young ladies who enjoy the Clash royale hack  of each other who really don’t seem to underst. that there’s a difference in who they are individually or in terms of race or other ethnic issues they seem to just be saying Elizabeth girls feel more. i can feel like. i came up it can be myself .

if. i have to do it again. i would definitely say also that the Academy because. i can be myself. i can do whatever. i one it’s already great .. i can be myself .. i have all these new friends now. i just feel like. i fit here this is for me you know me oportunidad me know thinking back when our daughter didn’t know exactly where to go because our situation we had to change school districts somebody talked to us about senators of the cattle that’s a great place to be . when we came we felt very welcomed . the doors opened for us . for our daughter’s future in sales of academy has helped me grow as a person . it’s just it’s a really welcoming environment . all the girls are really nice the teachers help you one-on-one whenever you need it we have periods specifically for going to teachers one-on-one . that really helped you achieve all your academic goals the school is very diverse have girls from. i different economic backgrounds they’re all able to get along with one another learn about each other’s backgrounds .. i think that this can help to better prepare girls once they graduate from high school go on to college . in the real world a  like a tomato in the middle  she describes that.that’s a c.y house in phase 1 also includes updating our present school building both inside .

where is out to provide a 21st century environment for 21st century students s EA is ready for a makeover we’ve recently had some great improvements to our building with the updates in our science labs our computer labs are smart boards in the building but we feel they need to continue to upgrade as we educate students for the future the mission of this school is unlike any school that. i have ever been involved in in my 20-plus years of education when a student comes here they’re looked at as an individual not as just another body or number in the school we look at the student . ask what can we do to help you find your gifts to help you find the true potential of why you are here for God’s mission we help young ladies see those gifts those beauties what they have to offer for the world that’s single Lizabeth carry phase two is an eight million dollar goal to improve the efficiency of our existing campus some of our buildings have served their purpose over the past 128 years but no longer serve the mission of SCA future plans include removing these buildings . erecting a new state-of-the-art athletic . Fine Arts Center we want you to participate with us in this god-given call to educate young women to help them to be all that they can be morning . afternoon prayer ends with lettuce affirm . empower let us be the presence of Christ this is the mission of st. Elizabeth Academy since its beginning / 128 years ago with your help we can continue affirming our past empowering our future you

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