Minecraft Hack Pe Cheats Pvp Server Client Online Android Ios 2017

Minecraft Hack Pe Cheats Pvp Server Client Online Android Ios 2017


minecraft hack client


I didn’t mention that in the last episode.I apologize . as you can see it will not work so,now it’s time to harvest and let’s grab this stuff right here we’re just going to take it right off the top I’m going to leave the ones planted beneath Nikko actually walk away collect hopefully you catch it you don’t have to go fishing for it we will make this a little bit more efficient down the road we can put a little bridge minecraft hack client here to stop them from falling into the water you can even cap this off.I don’t like the way that looks . you can put a half slab do.I have any half slabs no right over this water and the water maintains its properties it’ll still be there ..I don’t honestly.I don’t like the way that looks.I like having the water showing that’s a personal preference . what I’ll do minecraft cheats client is later will enhance this a little bit you guys can decide the way you want to do it so,now I’m going to take and replant and I’ll just replant it all I’ll have two pieces extra and I’m just going to go toss that over here let’s just throw it all in here for now and we’ll come back and the sugar.I don’t need in the paper https://www.facebook.com/Minecraft-Hack-Cheats-Mod-damntrue/┬ábecause we’re going to make a map and a compass later ..I need more paper to make the map so,we’ll do that in another episode


I’m going to bring the food with me and we’re going to cook that up back at the house so,let’s head over to the cottage as you can see here.I have a lot more fence ready to build a cow farm so,now we need to go collect some cows and sheep actually once again feel free to slaughter all free-roaming pigs now that we have a nice supply they are all fair game well let’s just take all this how did.I f or get all this food here interesting I’m going to take the Flint too so,we can make some more arrows and I’m going to bring my fishing pole with me as well you know what just grab it all I’m going to end up bringing all this to my new house anyway and the string come back for the bed it will move that into the house alright let’s go and build up a cow pasture where’s that pig gone.I hear you sometimes they climb trees no not really alright let’s get this food cooking up here so,eight pieces of chicken that’s pretty excellent now I’m going to put this stuff here for now why don’t we just make as many arrows as.I can while I’m here three feathers and it’s going to give me a few extra arrows goodie goodie goodie and then just dump all this stuff in here that.I don’t need for the time being eyeballs trees flowers okay just get rid of it.I had this all organized and.I have a chest on neath in the in the basement .ton.I think.I may have mentioned this before ..I like to have at least one or two bones on me just in case.I run into a wolf out in a while and.I want to tame it let’s go get some cows now.I just need to pick a location for the cow pasture have a sheep right here oh here’s our streakin sheep wandering off and exposing himself herself to the chickens and pigs much to their dismay and.I can kill chickens now too out in the wild because.I have a good supply of chickens all right this is a fine spot indeed let’s get rolling here get you out of the way you out of the way and just going to make a small relatively small fenced-in area for the cows.I can always expand this later if .I f eel it’s not going to be sufficient . for right now.I just want to go and capture the little buggers all right take that down and a little extra good enough I’ll put the safety room in later you shouldn’t hang around staring at me okay let’s go get some cows oh darn.I have no wheat guess it won’t be attracting any cows alright well maybe we’ll do that next time I’m going to have to go harvest more wheat.


I used it all up to make babies so.I forgot to keep a few pieces behind and.I don’t think.I have any over here let’s go take a little bit there’s nothing in there nothing here darn it darn it darn it darn it okay well I’m gonna have to go harvest some more week to get cows cook up that pork do.I have any flint let me show you let me do this I’m going to take a piece of flint and a piece of iron I’m going to show you how to make flint and tinder oops it’s this way so,Flint a flint and steel rather so,we have a piece of Flint and some iron and iron ingot iron bar becomes flint and steel we can use that to light fires now be extremely careful with this stuff let’s head back over to the farm area there’s some pigs wild roaming pigs over there because when you set fire to something fire can spread so,I’m going to get my Flint in my hand and.I f you left-click all you do is swing it that doesn’t accomplish anything ..I f you right-click on something that is flammable it’ll burn you’ll burn for a while it may eventually go out or you can put it out yourself with the left click with just about anything in your hand so,let me show you what you can do and.


If you want to get fancy and have some fun with your Porky’s and your chickens you can actually burn them make a little room off to the side that’s stone something that doesn’t burn and you can light them on fire let me show you what happens you want to click the block underneath like that you can’t click on the mob you can’t burn the mob directly you have to set it on fire by setting a block on fire yeah this is kind of cruel . look at that you get cooked pork so,when you light them on fire you automatically get your cooked pork you don’t have to take the time to cook it yourseif so,it’s some interesting way to save on coal.I f you mind setting animals on fire . again you have to be kind of careful about that because wood the fire can spread it’ll spread to your wood fence over here and it’ll spread to other animals as well so,if .I went in there and set one of these little guys on fire would the entire pig style go up in flames so,let’s harvest some.I have one piece of bone meal left let’s use it up .

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