Looking for working Slither.io hack cheats online generator android ios

Looking for working Slither.io hack cheats online generator android ios

Slither.io hack

what’s up brats. loves its hero here hope you’re having a wonderful day. today we’re gonna be trying a new game called slither dot IO you may have heard of it you may have not. you can tell by the inclination of the name that it might have some similarities to a god that I oh that’s what we’re here today to find out. in the bottom left hand corner hello it’s me hello it’s me that was actually quite awful um there’s a change skin button . . you can change skins just like Slither,io hack cheats


i’m  going to be clicking on that now there’s a quite a variety of skins you can quite a variety there’s just multiple colors some flags. there’s the USA. . i’m  going to be a patriot today. play as the United States worm skin. you can choose your name obviously . i’m  going to go by hero. you just hit play just like a gorya. now we’re in the game eat orbs to get bigger you can spacebar to split or press W to eject Mass but what you can do is if you hold the left mouse button down you can speed up but that causes you to lose mass you leave a trail of mass behind but that just gives you a momentary speed boost or actually for as long as you hold it down until you run out of mass. you can use that to cut off players. you know agario there’s a bit of a learning curve now you know aghori used to be really simple but then you were able to pop people with viruses. then you know this mass decay but in this game as of right now all you really do is just cut people off. there’s no mass decay but it’s it’s extraordinarily fun. a little bit addictive I’ve been playing this for a bit I wanted to play a little bit before I started recording.


I knew what I was talking about right now . i’m  playing as a very docile  hack cheats Slither,io
 . i’m  not trying to cut people off not playing too aggressive here but I definitely don’t want to get surrounded because if someone can cut you off like do a full circle on you then you’re pretty much dead because they have you trapped. it’s just only a matter of time before you die now this game is very similar to a classic game called snake. if you phillium familiar with the snake genre then you’re going to be right at home with this game the only difference between this game. a regular snake game I suppose kind of like I played cofee but that’s kind of like a snake game as well but you can actually go you can cut through your own line. in conventional snake if you cut through your own line you’d die but in this game that’s actually part of the strategy. you can cut people off you can make a line like this you know to cut people off. you can come back through make a pretzel you know you can make a lot of different type of shapes here by circling yourself but . i’m  going to focus on the kid gameplay yeah .


i’m  just talking. talking but not really trying to like cut anyone off right now but there is a top right the top right is a leaderboard you can see if you look at the top right over there over there there’s a leaderboard just like a goryeo in the bottom right hand corner it appears to be a mini map. this map is incredibly huge in the bottom left hand corner . i’m  kind of blocking it but you can see Slither io there it shows your length. it also shows your rank. there’s 646 other worms other gummy worms on this map right now playing that’s exciting I love that. then in the top left corner over here over here um you can actually see the highest record mass for today other with the longest length . . it goes by how long your worm is not how much mass you’ve collected it’s the same thing same thing oh yeah . . I figured there’s two strategies to this game. I’ll even dive bit into the strategy even though . i’m  a new player. you can play very aggressively you know when you’re small. try to cut off bigger players. high-risk high-reward or you can play really safe just kind of keep to yourself.

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