Clash Royale Hack generator Is Released and Confusing everyone! LOL

Clash Royale Hack generator Is Released and Confusing everyone! LOL

Clash Royale Hack Clash Royale Hack

alrighty hey . what’s up clash on gone here hope you . are doing well as always don’t forget to subscribe for more clash clans . clash royale content . today . we have all of the best chests in our slots today .. i thought we even have this little tournament chest right here.what. i wanted to do is a little bit of a best chess challenge I’ll going to explain the rules in a little bit but feel free to let me know before. i start have you . got anything good at your chest openings today whether it’s a tournament chest or a super magical chest very curious to find out how you . did if if you . got poo out of those chest feel free to give me a little poo emoji down below but here’s here’s how it’s going to work alright.we got two giant chess we have a magical we have a super magical what . i’m going to do right now is . i’m going to open up the two giants . the magical . I’ll record all the cards that. i get . those are cards that. i will have to use we’ll see how many cards we get but we have to use those cards um in this next challenge best of three.we’ll do three matches if. i win best of three then. i will kill one super magical chest in the shop because . i’m not . i’m not silly . Terry Terry to point or Terry whoomp this Terry one point oh that’s the og Terry right here my super magical chest but if. i lose best of three we’re gonna go ahead . open up to super magical chest from the’s gonna get quite expensive depending on how. i do but yeah will also open up this little tournament chest at the end because we’ve been having some pretty good luck with tourney chess if you haven’t checked out my 2800 cards tournament chest opening that was actually pretty good but yeah feel free to let me know . if you . want to have any of your decks review tournament decks of the day let me go ahead . pop them up on your screen right now I’ll go ahead . open up these little giant chess you . also want more tournaments speaking of tournaments make sure to follow me on mob crush calm backslash clash on gun that’s my livestream. i mean we do daily 200-plus man tournaments or whenever. i stream tried to a 200 plus man tournament um . yeah let’s let’s go ahead . open up these giant chess right here uh here here we go it is . then also if you . want to check out my my sponsor at bounty ABO dot io backslash capital G lowercase a lowercase n for ways to get free gems . gift cards they can hook you . up they hooked me up with gems in the past on for a little super slamma jamma jamming videos . does help directly support the channel as you . for helping me out on that.thanks again for your support got a lot out we got a lot of stuff we got some hot furnaces in the building heating up the ovens . all right so. i spirit.we got we got. i gotta make note of these cards I’ll list them out . then i’ll go ahead . build my deck afterwards.yeah like. i said before well we’ll keep those will keep those in mind all right.. i’m just making notes of those cards right now . here comes a second giant chess all legendary but like. i said up in gay I’ve been seeing.many people getting ah ok all right first i used   clash royle hack generator no survey android ios  this   https://v and https://twitter.c om/i/moments/866300109071372289 –  and https://www.faceb TIMELINE&fref=nf     Larry army all right.that’s that’s fine looks like a oh boy this is gonna get visiting it looking pretty bad Decker it’s a rocket give me a legendary slept at heart. i spirits that’s a little repeat ah alright.this is this is shaping up to be a really bumpy ride but alright  alright.

haha. i think. i think. i don’t know we’ll see we’ll see best of three alright.this is gonna be kind of weird uh minions are minions at least. i can work with minion afford. i can work with as well but mortar mortar Larry Army is gonna be weird furnace ..that looks good mini Pekka alright. i guess. i can kind of win with mini Pekka let’s see we got two four six eight cards already to think all of the double check the Dark Prince making like sub out a card if . i’m. i need to ah but Yara it’s a dark dark prince . i’m gonna go ahead . build that deck . just take a little assessment of all those cards . we’ll be right back alright.we went ahead . built that deck based on all the cars that we got out of those chests . . i’m kind of an interesting thing right.we have two leftover cards it is Larry army . then we also have the mortar left over so. i think. i think what . i’m gonna do. i might try to sub in those cards in between my matches ah but maybe I’ll play with I’ll play with maybe this like semi it’s kind of a troll deck semi. i mean but it’s it could actually win . that’s the reason why. i like kind of like doing like these little crazy challenges on because like think about like how many how many deck combinations are there in the world right now with 58 cars.

i think we’ve update that number you math geniuses let me know down below but. i feel like with all these different types of debt combinations someone’s bound to stumbleupon like a really really good deck combo. i mean there are like few decks right now that are doing well in tournaments but this be like the next big thing . you never you never know that’s why. i want to encourage you . if you want to take on this little chest opening challenge feel free to well alright.what . i’m gonna do right now let’s just go ahead queue up for a match . yeah let’s let’s do this we go this is this is round this is round number one we go here we go um let’s see.we’re up against a little ten guy . uh oh. i forgot to upgrade my fire spirits are not my fire spirits my ice spirit.maybe uh alright.let’s see what happens here not the best. i guess starting h. but. i can play some defense.let’s see what he’s got all right.. i’m gonna try this minions . all right.let’s go ice spirit for backup . then go dark prince this could be a pretty neat night nice pushing comp oh he’s got a giant pack all right.. i’m gonna race him a little bit looks like all right so. i guess we’re going we’re going ham right now Dark Prince is gonna tank a little bit . let’s see if the mini pecker can do some damage or its we’re gonna shred the  page of hacking game now- we almost got it alright.well lets you want to do . i’m going to try this minion horde right here . i’m not gonna .

i’m not gonna save my tower why . i’m gonna take down the the giant pecker. i guess not but yeah all right.he’s got arrows. i could maybe get my minions going to bait out his arrows . then . i’m then I’ll get him alright.let me drop my furnace hottest furnace player North America even though my furnace isn’t isn’t level nine hot right now it’s level eight Huddle’s let’s turn up the oven a little bit . we can definitely get maybe a pretty solid alright he’s got level 12 let’s see nitrite their armies also got a witch now the witch. i could. i could fireballer right now the fireball sounds pretty good . i’m gonna put my Dark Prince up here always got a little minor let’s see if an ice spirit will counter this minor right here just because of that like two seconds slow. i don’t know if. i save my furnace ah but yeah alright.we’re basically gonna start trading come on all right seriously um. i guess. i guess what . i’m gonna do I’ll just kind of wait a little bit. i know he has that giant pecker up but let’s see let’s see what. i can do. i like. i said. i can fireball this tower easily . i’m just kind of like . i’m playing a little bit of defense on my tower right now let’s just drop this mini Peko right here let’s drop this furnace we go we’re gonna we’re gonna rush in me oh alright.this is gonna be interesting. i wonder if this hack really works! see   a rocket against the pec was is any good but all right here go on let’s let’s first try to bait it out all right.let’s try to first bait out his arrows cuz. i know he’s gonna drop it . if he does that . i’m gonna get mad minion horde up hey you don’t got double arrows do your buddy all right.there it is Dark Prince coming in. i know he’s got a witch going so. i gotta. i gotta make sure she doesn’t get my minion horde all right come on come on let’s do this let’s do this let’s do this let’s do this. i wish I’d a SAP spell honestly but yeah alright that was actually really good. i should have dropped my rocket that was my mistake but yeah it comes again . i’m gonna try out my ice spear right here let’s see let me fireball this right now . yeah like. i said we’re gonna we’re probably not take it into OT but yeah let me let me drop my minions right now oh man. i could have gone that which again let me drop my furnace but yeah we’re. i got it. i gotta say like a rocket or fireball rocket or a fireball rocket or a fireball . i’m just gonna keep trying to push try to push him down a little bit. i think. i got a rocket this right now. i got it. i got a rocket this maybe that wasn’t the best me. i should wait for my fireball but all right here we go let’s see maybe the ice spirit would actually be pretty good let’s hear it.we get my minions going . i’m gonna get my fireball right here ..

i gotta. i gotta have them burn. i gotta have them burn. i come on Dark Prince Dark Prince yes all right say the tower see the tower save the tower save the tower are good alright OT we’re an OT right now we’re . then drop my mini Pekka right here . i’m gonna probably try to ice spirit this little witch . freezer a little bit that’s clutch that’s clutch that. i spirit pretty good even though it’s like. i said level 10 but yeah alright.let’s do this . i’m gonna drop my minion horde here. i know he has arrows. i know his arrows . i’m gonna loose . i’m God allows o Jays alright.yeah. i think. i think. i think we lost but alright. i i could have maybe. i could have made me save this match I’ll try to do another one but this was this was actually not too bad on the deck uh. i don’t even know if. i can win with like a mortar if. i had a motor . Larry army well maybe say that for the last match but yeah all right let’s let’s try this again. i feel. i feel fairly confident let’s do this one more time. i think. i can do that maybe we can go mortar trolling after this but all rights a level 10 guy we gotta we gotta steal somethin . yeah. i could. i could have done something else. i could have done better but alright . in any case let’s go ahead . drop the furnace right here play some defense against the the princess alright.furnace has been getting like pretty popular in tournament gameplay just because like it’s it can distract the hog rider . it does like a pretty solid amount of damage even chip damage onto like a tower.all right let’s see what. i can do let me just drop a mini Pekka let’s see if we can rush it a little bit let’s get some minions going . shoot. i should’ve got in my eye spear oh. i forgot again.

i keep we’re gonna upgrade my ice spear balding. i don’t think that make a huge difference but yeah we’ll see alright.we give that minion on the tower um alright.the ice whizzers coming towards us let’s see let’s see what. i can do now alright so. i gotta save my anasema fireball gotta save my rock oh no. i don’t gotta see my rocket Hey alright see ya elixir collector alright.that’s that’s great. i love all the rocket cheese sometimes but yeah alright.let’s uh let’s see furnace can probably let’s start warming up the oven a little bit let’s go ahead . bake some bread all right here we go furnace going in . yeah furnace furnace mini Pekka might be a pretty good rush but yea alright.notice he’s got that royal G coming in.that means. i gotta save my mini Pekka may be my minion horde but yeah let’s see what he drops behind the world you that’s that’s also part of the key it depends what they dropped behind the Royal G on that makes the big difference or had nothing no support yet always got Sparky . all right so. i guess I’ll drop minions first . then I’ll try to bait it actually you know what you know what. i think say yes say yes Sparkie all right.look that’s a good value right there took out the Sparky the Royal Gee uh yeah he’s friend she’s probably mad at my rocket right now rocket for the win. i think we got this boy’s but. i don’t know we’ll see.

i can’t really push him down right now.let’s let’s see what. i can let’s see you. i can muster up um. i think furnace is always like a pretty decent play it’s like it’s just super annoying let’s drop the furnace right here. i can’t let them have that elixir collector honestly so. i got it. i got to take it out. i can’t give him that elixir collector advantage even if even if when double looks it actually might make a bigger difference to Abu yea RS he’s got his world you there. i gotta save my rocket. i know. i gotta save my rocket maybe save my minions as well but yet oh geez this is this is actually maybe. i should just take out Sparky now not just not have to deal with them that’s that’s probably a good idea alright rocket good job good job alright.let’s would also can do.we’re gonna get that princess there . i’m gonna try to. i spirit the Royal G right now. i spirit that freezin for like . two seconds is clutch that’s clutch alright.that’s good for me ah let’s see what else all got the bomber there . i’m gonna . i’m gonna furnish him one more time furnace has been pretty clutch . i’m not sure if he has any ale weak cards let’s see if. i can get a mini Pekka. i . i’m gonna Bank on the fact that he doesn’t have his app because like right now he’s been he’s been not using it or he hasn’t been using any type of a oh we accept his princess are there’s this app all right that is that was fine mini Pekka to the tower we got this boys. i think we did this all this is this is such a good alright the first the first one like. i said there’s a little warm-up deck. i think we just broke the meta boys this is this is lagaan break the meta sharpshooter no scope or James right here ah yeah this is but this is me. i use the mortar in the . the skeleton army. i that alright alright here’s here’s what .

i’m gonna do ah this is such a. i think we know looking at this right now it’s a pretty solid deck. i don’t even know what to swap out sometimes but yeah. i spirit saved me with that royal G all it’s such a good card you in the Rockets a good card. i don’t even want to change but for the purposes of this challenge putting to putting two super magical chest on the line . i’m doing this . i’m doing this for you . all right.skelly army uh. i guess it can be kinda like a cheese cart to like a mini to like a royal g2 site. i still like the damage on that mini pack up i’ll swap that out there . then what can. i use what can. i do for the mortar. i guess. i could swap out my furnace but. i hate. i hate like. i like the furnace then. i can’t st. the mortar sometimes but alright let’s let’s try this all right level 9 mortar. i might have to upgrade this guide you can see how much. i use the more to based on how much I’ve upgrade that guy . . i’m actually gonna leave my fire spirits at level one cuz. i guess they still would get prior like cheese doubt it’s just kind of like.

i mean it’s maybe not worth to upgrade that but yeah right wasted some gold on that mortar right there. i have all the cards now that I’ve used in all these chests here it goes that’s the three come on Ike may. i use a defensive more to maybe the defense . mortar will be the best but yeah. i don’t know we’ll see what we got um my sky looks like a pretty solid player especially at level 11 . yeah. i just. i just don’t know anymore let’s just start with a really solid defensive mortar play let’s let’s see what he does all right.royal royal gee let’s seize got his little stabby goblins . i’m gonna try this right here like it oh look at that look at that the young mortar actually took out oh that’s a nice app spell by him but yeah well look at that that was that was pretty good . we actually did pretty good against those stabby goblins with the border the mortar defense. i love it all right.he’s apt to be. i think.does that mean my minion horde is good right now let’s actually let’s take a risk a stick a risk Dark Prince mortar right here dark. i started Dark Prince minion horde let’s hope they doesn’t have like a princess no fireball no fireball always fire spirits oh that’s good for us all we did are we getting we’re getting into the tower oh my gosh this is such a cheese deck all right princess level three can we take her out to all right that’s perfect ah you know what . i’m gonna try another mortar right here this . i’m out let’s keep doing this boys. i think we can do this all right.let’s see he’s got he’s got his little stabby goblins let’s see how the mortar does against that minor all right.we’re good we’re good we’re good mini Pekka don’t do don’t touch my tower police thanks all right good . the mortar defense who whoever thought to use a mortar on defense clash of clans did but yeah alright that’s that’s.amazing alright.well let’s see what else he didn’t use this app spell.we can’t do anything like that . i’m just gonna .

i’m just he’s probably at 10 right now . i’m just gonna wait right now at this point . i’m he hasn’t used this app so. i can’t. i can’t really push him down. i just want save I’ll save this right now he’s probably waiting for my mortar to go down there’s his world gee . i’m going to . i’m gonna go ahead . do this. i just kind of like get this little ice spirit here to kind of fuck kind of just uh freeze him a little bit he’s chunking down our tower quite a lot but yeah alright.we we are. i don’t know if we can survive another another like cycle if that makes sense but yeah let me go ahead . drop my minion horde heey prabhas app spell . i’m gonna drop another set of minions too just in case but yeah alright.there’s this app uh yeah we’re gonna get a solid amount he’s got his he’s got his princess so. i gotta probably that’s got to probably wait at this point got us right there ..we used this app you use this app .

we drop my more to right here to take care of maybe of this princess let’s see hopefully the minions will take it out . that’s good all right.. i’m gonna drop my skeleton army right here maybe bay out is out this is a good bait zap right here oh no not the fire spirits no come on Larry army you can do it all right.that’s good right there all right Larry army is good we made it out of ZAP we bade it kind of beta doubt a SAP. i think all right.. i’m gonna get on my minions here letting that have princess for good no princess no princess no fires birth no fires bears we had a big minion. i had a big minion thing right there . i’m gonna drop a mortar right here let’s see what we let’s see what we can get but all got the princess there. i said that uh all right.we got some kind of more to hit on the tower that was good for us but yeah all right.. i’m gonna drop my minion horde here you snapping my tower which is . let’s take that Princess out princess gonna be super annoying let’s get my Larry army going all out at the fire spirit alright.that was that was kind of rough for us let’s even get another mortar up or something if. i survive this I’ll take it I’ll take I’ll take the tie but yeah alright.let’s do this let’s take out let’s take out those minions please alright.that’s that’s we gotta just protect the mortar a little bit 36 seconds left. i think we can kind we can maybe survive this . i’m feeling . i’m feeling a survived let’s just survive right now . are well we got the Dark Prince of the tower oh let’s see let’s see what we got he’s gonna zap me that doesn’t do much from that . i’m waiting for his world G let’s where’s your wizard royal G yet man but alright.there it is we get my mortar down he’s got his princess here maybe . i’m gonna cycle through if.

i get enough damage if. i get enough damage on this tower or that’s actually really good defense in more yeah defensive mortar alright so. i like this. i didn’t know what to do about a tight so. i don’t win not a loss. i didn’t lose. i guess. i didn’t lose best of three but yeah. i don’t know we’ll see what I’ll make a ruling we’re gonna open up a super magical chest no matter what ah but yeah alright.that was a free alright.we did it boys we-we-we mortared him we more to cheese them all i said before . meta breaker James maybe not this particular deck but the deck. i used before with like the furnace . what was it the mini Pekka could actually be like really good in a tournament play or even on the ladder because it’s pretty much like the ultimate arrows a fireball zap bait deck all that’s missing right now. i could probably get like a goblin barrel in there too . that would be like super chill maybe even like a princess but. i like. i like. i like this deck that. i was using before like. i said it’s pretty good all right.what . i’m gonna do right now will kill will kill the tournament chess first because. i think that has like a lower chance even though has like a pretty high chance of a legendary. i believe . i’m like. i said let me know if you . have any other like tournament chess opening statistics even in fact if you . win any big tournaments . you . want to be featured on the channel of you . like if you . can record your footage or will try to work out some way for you . to record your footage . send it to me of like any cards like maybe like a thous. plus cards you . have like a thous. plus tournament chest opening like cards . you . want to have it featured on the channel feel free to like like. i said shoot me an email clash on gone at gmail com on this one we only took home 12 cards however however one thing to note is that got I’ve been getting tweets from you . saying like you know for cart people as low as like four cards have been getting like legendary obviously that’s like really good luck maybe we can get this here but. i don’t know but well well like. i said open up a super one super magical chest for this one since we did technically lose best of three but yeah it looks like this one this one we didn’t we didn’t get much.that was alright but like. i said check out some my other ones also my other tournament chess openings where we got like fairly lucky especially that 28 28 hundred car that was that was to put. i was super good but yeah are at super magical chest coming at you hot . what. i want right now in terms of legendary cards. i guess. i could always use some more. i guess. i can always use some more legendary yeah like. i said. i mean let’s let’s let’s go ahead let’s go ahead . bring the bring the trunk show to the dunk chill right now let’s let’s get another let’s get another trunk show cuz. i actually bought a trunk earlier but yeah. i could always use. i could always use a level up on these trunks eps p scenario me alright let’s get it in the camera let’s get these level 2 trunk steps up here all right.we got the gold . we got the baja got the bomb tower .

let’s see what else you got let’s let’s . i’m feeling. i feel like seven legendary cars what’s the percentage chance of getting legendary assuming assuming fifty percent chance of getting a’s like one half x 17. i guess it’s like 114th of a chance that i’ll get the legendary card that. i want.that’s like super low odds but any legendary I’ll take right now Dark Prince . . that works ah the goblin hut oh. i didn’t even count my legendary cards let’s oh. i think. i think we all legendary boi’s go 12 guards is this the weekend alleged here. i lost count so. i don’t even know let’s let’s have those scopus doing a legendary card-.fine all right welcome welcome to the duck show minor all right that’s my minor my minor my mom. i minor all right.yeah that’s that’s my minor right there all right.well yeah we can upgrade him to level three alright that’s cool um but yeah all right in any case .

i said feel free let me know how your chest openings have been today any other tournament decks of the day make sure to check out my mob crush combat / clash on gone live streams as well as my sponsor for free gems . gift cards my only safe . trusted way to get free gems . gift cards abo. i ho backslash capital G lowercase a lowercase n . we’ll do a giveaway very very soon sponsored by them as well but yeah like. i said before let me know how your tournaments have been today anything good out of your chest .. i don’t forget to check out some of my other super  jamming videos at the end of this one especially that 2800 cards tournament chess opening . don’t forget to favor . subscribe before you . go let’s get this video to like um 5likes you’re.cuz. i sumana letters in minor. i think unless. i can’t spell but thanks again.much for watching . until next time stay classy.yeah mine is.fine

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